I only recently began my miniature horse „love affair“
by purchasing 2 Scott Creek American Miniature Horses.
Kissed by luck the 2 fillies won 2010


Together with 5 new acquired miniatures
My horses have earned in
USA 2010 - 2013
201 prestigious titles
Europe 2011 - 2015
260 top titles
December - April
April - May
May - November
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Updated 08/30/2015
Since 15th March 2014

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is a small stud farm, located in North Rhine Westfalia, Germany.
The little horse oasis facing an endless forest which includes since 50 years
a nature park with wild Scottish Highland Cattle. Nearby: the famous
Zwillbrocker Venn, the biggest domestic black headed gull colony in Germany
and the northernmost breeding area of Flamingos world wide. A little paradise.

The village Alstätte is located near the border of The Netherlands town Enschede.
A small creek named
splits the village and the farming areas. Many evergreen trees and plants
surround the grassland giving protection and quiet for the
World Champions of Aa Creek Ranch’s American Miniature Horses.